Miranda Russell, MBA, PMP

Founder & President

Miranda, Founder and President of Russell Consulting, began her journey as a curious biology student. Her initial venture into the medical field unexpectedly shifted her focus to project management, where she developed a passion for systematic approaches and the intricate interplay of processes and efficiency. This realization, coupled with her training in project management and Lean Six Sigma, facilitated her transition from medicine to the realm of project and business management. Equipped with an MBA and PMP certification, Miranda quickly made her mark in the field of life sciences project management. She distinguished herself through her work at leading companies like Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Intellia Therapeutics, where she led a series of successful projects and innovations. These achievements not only solidified her reputation as a visionary professional but also paved the way for her to establish Russell Consulting in January 2023.

Julie Russell

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Julie, administrative professional at Russell Consulting, possesses a wealth of experience spanning healthcare, architecture, and finance. Her career is marked by key roles in which she skillfully managed office operations and navigated complex project document administration. In her current role, Julie enhances office efficiency and provides essential support to the Founder & President. Her proficiency in organizational management and client relations, combined with her ability to adapt seamlessly across varied industries, underscores her dedication to precision and efficiency. These qualities make Julie an integral part of the Russell Consulting team, contributing significantly to the firm’s operational excellence.

Kailin Rivituso

Associate Project Manager

Kailin, project management professional at Russell Consulting, combines her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with extensive experience in biotech project management. Her career, beginning with a focus on pre-clinical and clinical therapeutic development and manufacturing, has seen her excel in roles that demand precision and effective communication in complex environments. Before joining Russell Consulting, she significantly contributed at Curia and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, showcasing her ability to lead cross-functional teams and implement project management best practices. Kailin’s integration of scientific expertise and project management skills plays a pivotal role in the strength and success of the Russell Consulting project management team.

Allison Albrecht, PMP

Senior Project Associate

Allison, project management professional at Russell Consulting, has a versatile background in managing projects across industries like life sciences, construction, and media. Her journey, grounded in a B.A. in English from Hartwick College, blends strong communication skills with diverse project management methodologies and tools. Her experience ranges from administrative support in architectural firms to implementing PM best practices in vaccine development programs. At Russell Consulting, Allison skillfully manages various client and internal workstreams, showcasing her adaptability and expertise in matrixed project environments. Allison’s fusion of diverse industry experience and adept project management capabilities solidifies her role as a key contributor to the Russell Consulting team.

Leah Russell

Business Development Coordinator

Leah is instrumental in amplifying Russell Consulting’s market visibility and presence. Merging her photography expertise with multimedia studies, she infuses our business development strategies with a dynamic and innovative edge. Leah’s artistic abilities and forward-thinking approach are vital in enhancing the reach and effectiveness of the company’s business initiatives.